Monday, 26 December 2016

Kevin Hart Tour 2016 – Get Your Seats Today!

Now is a great time to be a fan of comedy! Now more than ever comedians are taking the stage on larger and larger venues, and among them is one of the most popular comedy acts the Kevin Hart tour 2016. If you live near any large city in the USA it’s almost guaranteed that he will be coming to your area. You certainly won’t want to miss these shows as he is telling completely new jokes. Make sure you don’t wait too long before you pick up your tickets, there might not be any seats left by the time you try to purchase them if you wait too long!

The what now tour is what comedy King Kevin Hart has named his all new concert series. Not many entertainers of any kind are able to play shows all around the country on a nationwide tour as a solo act, it’s even more rare for a comedian to be doing this. Along with Kevin you’ll only find a handful or less of other comedians that can headline their own nationwide acts. And not even all of those handful will be playing venues the size of what Kevin can fill up every night with ease. There are perhaps only two or three people who are in the big leagues like he is. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a star shining more brilliantly in the comedy world then this guy.
It’s been very hard for fans to get tickets to his shows. Everything has been a complete sellout. You’ll often see a huge crowd waiting outside the venue well ahead of when the show starts just to be the first ones in the door. He’s also sold out shows that professional sports teams usually play at. He has the drawing power of two entire popular athletic teams! Not only will sports teams not be able to sell out places like Arenas sometimes, it’s completely out of the question for most other solo artists.
With the sharpest wit in the comedy universe, the Kevin Hart tour 2016 is able to completely sellout almost any venue. All it takes to fill up every seat are the amazing jokes that Kevin brings to every show. Things weren’t always easy for this comedy sensation, and he certainly didn’t have an easy path to the top of the mountain. We could have taken the easy way out and done the same thing that most other comedians were doing at the time, which is teaming up with each other and hitting the road as a team. Doing things the usual way is not what Kevin does though.

Instead of taking the safe, easy, guaranteed route and an easy payday, he went through the rocky cliffs of the solo artist. He started out small playing venues that might not even seat more than 100 people. As he played show after show though, his star grew. Eventually by the end of his first concert tour, he was selling out venues that could hold several thousand people! This eventually led to him making more money than he could ever want. It’s all because he didn’t take the safe route, he got in his tiny boat and went into the stormy ocean alone. With hard work and determination he came out the other side of the storm and found a tropical island of comedy paradise where he reigns supreme as comedy’s one true master.
For a paltry fee you have the opportunity to see the comedy King in person. Purchase your seats as early as you can or some other fans will certainly be snatching them up in no time!

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